My Name is Nigel. I live with two cowboys, and a little robot. We get along just fine.


It’s hard to tell a little robot that he will never grow up.

You may not be able to tell from my cool demeanor but I play a lot of dungeons and dragons. One of my projects right now is to draw a portrait of every character I've ever rolled. I didn't play this guy but I've been wanting to draw him just the same. Scott Malkinson was rolled up by my buddy Bugsy, and was the accountant of our party. A jumpy little kobold, shifting all over the place. Shown here with a baby chicken.

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Dear Cowboys: your platonic yet complicated relationship is proving difficult for myself and certain robots to understand.

I recently took place in an artastic gathering known as CritNight held by my good friend Gmac .

It was a great chance to get some feedback from some really cool people.

This is the picture I submitted

And here it is again after applying some of the advice I got from the crit
environment fter

Thanks to Daryl Mandryk and Andrew Domachowski.

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The Robot was just on my computer, what was he doi… Nooooooooo!

Well it looks like I'm updating things again. I know I've said this before, but I'm super serious this time. is all jacked up and ready to go.

Let's do some art

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