My Name is Nigel. I live with two cowboys, and a little robot. We get along just fine.


SCRASH, BOOM, BANG! I awoke to the sound of a short robot falling down a tall flight of stairs.

I've got some paintings to show you today.  I've been exparimenting with acrylics latly and  I'm wondering why I hadn't tried them earlier.

First off we have a dryad.  According to wikkipedia the term dryad originally described a wood nymph that lived in an oak tree, but now has come to describe all wood nymphs.  Interesting stuff!

Wake me up before you go go.

Wake me up before you go go.

Next we have a choice encounter between two men with very different head.  This is part of a much larger narrative that I've been working on, and will endevor to discuss on future posts.

more zombies

more zombies

Lastly we have kind of a wrap up of my zombie project.  Not too much to say here, but I get the feeling I'm starting to creep my classmates out.  It may be time to come up with some more upbeat ideas, like big eyed dogs on black velvet or maybe Elvis on black velvet or a bottle of black velvet on black velvet.

Other than that I'm planning on forcing myself to update every wednesday, you know, just too keep it real.

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