My Name is Nigel. I live with two cowboys, and a little robot. We get along just fine.


The two cowboys have strong opinions on the historical accuracy of blazing saddles. The little robot and I have been forced to hide in the basement.

My girlfriend likes team fortress 2 quite a bit, so we made some jack o lanterns together.  I did the painting, she did the actual carving, and we had a pretty good time with the whole endeavor.

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Cowboys can’t take a joke. The little robot learned that the hard way.

More figure drawings today.

I've been exparimenting alot with Acrylics, trying to draw with my paint rather than planning things out.  The results sofar have held some promise, but I'm looking forwards to taking this further in my next few projects.  I've been trying to attend as many of the school's figure drawing sessions as possible, they're safe havens for exparimentation.

In other news the animation's progressing slowly, I've switched to traditional media, which my kill me.  Things are trucking along.

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Still no good at regular updates, the little robot is always staring at me.

He's eating dorritos, that natural enemy of cheetos.

Here's part two of my D&D portraits, this time it's the dungeon master.  Still need to give this one some tweaking before I can really say I'm satisfied with it.   More figure drawing when I'm done scanning it.

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The little robot is sick today, two cowboys hold his hair while he vomits.

Here's that zombie I promised a week ago.

Rough work for the cover of a conceptual sketch book.  It's about zombie towns and all that junktification.

Rough work for the cover of a conceptual sketch book. It

And here's a crappy awesome unlooped loop for an animation I'm working on.  You can loop in on your own.


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