My Name is Nigel. I live with two cowboys, and a little robot. We get along just fine.


Sometimes I think the newwestscifi theme of this blog has creative limits. The cowboys do not share this view.

Okay, I'm not dead yet.I did some quick sketching to prove it.

yeah... I'm not sure

Kids like the pokemons, right?

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Lasor Saddle Skipdiddle

Details pushing on trough and we're getting pretty close to done. Really trying to find the some forms in this one, trying to break myself of the habit of getting caught up in recoloring the same areas overly much. If nothing else I'm hoping this can get all of the super saturated color type stuff out of my head for a bit.

To be concluded?

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Lazer Saddle Speculation

Things are coming together, bit by bit.

This run around found me with a lot of detail tweaking. Trying to pick out some shapes and make a story with them. So far that story seems to be a cotton candy apocalypse of some sort.

Happy little trees.

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Laser Saddle Light Spectacular

Here's a new piece in progress. Trying to start the new year with some color practice. Painting is still a weird process for me, I never really know what I'm doing when I'm working on a new picture, but I feel it's all going to lead somewhere. I've just got to tighten up the graphics on level 4, that's when you learn the real magic.

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A cat is not a horse. We all know that now.

2012 is underway, and today is a 2012 kind of Friday. So, in the interest of keeping your weekend fresh here's a couple of thumbnails that from the what-with-all.

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No spurs on the bed.

Here's some of the stuff I never finished in 2011.

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Roooooooobotic cowboy?

More stuff? Okay.

Pirates? Orcs?

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Cowboys. Robots. They’re all the same on the inside. Full of thick tar.

Bam! It's the new year. What's new? well this is a bit better now

Happy new year Kobolds.

With any luck that 2011 on my signature will soon be a 2012.

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It’s hard to tell a little robot that he will never grow up.

You may not be able to tell from my cool demeanor but I play a lot of dungeons and dragons. One of my projects right now is to draw a portrait of every character I've ever rolled. I didn't play this guy but I've been wanting to draw him just the same. Scott Malkinson was rolled up by my buddy Bugsy, and was the accountant of our party. A jumpy little kobold, shifting all over the place. Shown here with a baby chicken.

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